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Hereford, UK

Summer Revamp 2020

The update has arrived! Sparkt has gone over a full makeover and it looks better than ever. Our system has been massively improved on all aspects, we have learned alot from our previous versions and today we have released our final (for now). Below will be sections listing what we have added, you may read what appeals to you the most and we are more than happy to take on feedback and your thoughts, this can be done on our contact form.

Fresh Look

We have given Sparkt a whole new makeover, this includes our icon, logo, website, and our colour scheme has changed from its original yellow & orange, to purple/pink. We are going with a different theme with Sparkt, and that is a space theme.

Order Page

The order page is now here, when you purchase a service you will be given a link to your own order page, here will be listed screenshots of your project, what is currently happening with your project, how long it will take to complete (estimate), the status of your project + payment and other useful information. This is not available for current open projects.

New Services

We offer new two new services, this being Graphics & Domain & Hosting. Both which are already normally purchased with websites. Domain & Hosting are only purchasable with our packages.

More coming soon..